A Program of

Research and Structured Action

We inform original research with experience, translate the research for leaders through white papers and case studies, and then apply lessons learned through advisory services.



Exploring observations from past implementations to generate insightful questions.  Exploring those questions through original surveys and data analysis to test and formalize new understandings.

  • What is the best focus of AI - innovation or cost reduction?
  • What is the most feasible way to evaluate AI investments?
  • How should companies address potential job losses from AI?
  • When companies have achieved substantial financial returns from AI, how have they gone about it?
  • How can companies create a pipeline for AI projects that increases the likelihood of production deployment?
  • What are some approaches to making deep learning algorithms more transparent?
  • What steps have organizations taken to make their cultures more receptive to AI?



The business and policy challenges of artificial intelligence: its development, use, monetization and fit within an organization.  The knowledge leader needs to understand and overcome the challenges ahead.

  • Research Report
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Articles



Diagnose the challenges of an individual project, large portfolio, or whole enterprise.  Begin a transition to the impact phase, maximizing social good and financial return. 

  • Capability Assessments
  • Workshops



A standardized approach to the business of AI - the strategy, design, and optimization of AI for impact.  Best practices informed by research and dozens of implementations.

  • User Guides
  • Project Canvases

Events & Webinars

Learn from Industry experts, ask critical questions about application, and get up to speed on the forefront of AI research for practical application.  

  • Annual Conference
  • Quarterly Q&As, Panel Discussions, and How-Tos