Laks Srinivasan

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Laks Srinivasan is an experienced strategy and analytics executive, bringing over 20 years of expertise in commercial, product, and technical capacities.  Most recently, he served as co-COO of Opera Solutions, a major AI platform company, overseeing business strategy, sales & marketing, partnerships, solution delivery, and talent management.

Laks has made significant impacts through innovation.  After starting his career as an entrepreneur, he joined FICO, an analytics company that helps businesses use analytics to create better outcomes: growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. As Senior Director of Innovation Management, he directed all aspects of new product development in the financial services and retail sectors.  Afterwards, at Opera, Laks incubated the platform’s first SaaS product and built a product management discipline. This effort enabled Opera to focus on recurring revenue & subscriptions, leading to a significant increase in platform installs and ultimately transforming the revenue model.

Laks holds an MBA from Wharton in finance and entrepreneurial management, as well as a BS in electrical engineering from NIT, India.

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